ASMR Valentines Slime Lettering

Instilling more feels this Valentine’s Day with dimensional lettering out of slime (or floam for the 90s kids). The oddly satisfying phenomenon continues to ask us to ~f E e L t H i N g S~ by way of audio, hence the slight departure from food typography. Why not embrace or squeeze the trend? The second installment in my ASMR series asking viewers to feel from a distance.

Multiple passes were made at the slime lettering to ensure shooting would hold up both for a still and for a video. Eventually the slime type made its way to a fridge to assist in keeping the floam’s shape as I popped it out of the mold I designed. More styrofoam balls were best, and where I'd snag one asset, I never had enough time before the window slipped through my fingers. Eventually I landed both, rainbow color me surprised.