Photo by  TC Worley .

Photo by TC Worley.

Danielle Evans is an art director and lettering artist from Columbus, Ohio who helps brands translate the metaphorical qualities of food and objects into evocative, typographic-driven illustrations and videos. She creates stunning imagery by hand through wit and humor, using apparel, stop motion, video, and installations to craft a multi-sensory narrative for commercials, social campaigns, and outdoor signage.

Clients include Target, Disney, (RED), PwC, American Greetings, McDonald's, John Frieda, Aria, TAZO, FYI for SXSW, Lays, Parade, Condé Nast, Tesco, Bath & Body Works, Cadillac, Purina, theGuardian, FOUR, DiGiornio's, The Washington Post, Seattle Times, LDS, and Kellogg.


She is available to travel and enjoys collaborating with new photographers and stylists nationally and abroad. Contact her via form through Ryan Appleton: or 740.961.5995.


Handmade Graphics

Carolina Amell, Monsa Publishing

Creative Peptalk

Andy J. Miller, Chronicle


Select Clients

Target // Disney // McDonald's // (RED) // PWC // John Frieda // American Greetings // Aria // TAZO // Condé Nast // Seattle Times // Lays // Parade // FYI for SXSW // Tesco // Bath & Body Works // Cadillac // Purina // theGuardian // FOUR // DiGiornio's // The Washington Post // Kellogg // Romano's Macaroni Grill // London's Evening Standard // Landor // Cheerios // Eating Well // Oglivy Madrid // LDS // Highlights for Kids // Columbus Monthly // SAA