Cinnamon ROFL Food Type

Remember Mario Batali’s distasteful assault apology coupled with half hearted cinnamon roll recipe? #MeToo.

The viral article on this half baked response struck a chord with me. Author Geraldine DeRuiter deftly undresses the poor PR move through sharp wit and wry humor. Moving seamlessly between her own experiences and hilariously exasperated footnotes, she hate-eats the rolls while thoughtfully musing:

“We try to follow a half written recipe and think it’s our fault when it doesn’t work. We need to undo an entire humanity’s history worth of hate against women. Apologies are a good start. Just skip the damn recipe.”

This made me cinnamon ROFL, but I also thought long and hard about the strange association between sex and food Batali made. Were readers to chase the bitter pill with something sweet? Could a cinnamess cover a multitude of sins? Definitely not, and the absurdity was not lost on me. 

Read the article via Medium.

Prep & Assistance // Frances Ora-Kelly