Cinnamon ROFL Food Typography

Remember Mario Batali’s distasteful assault apology coupled with half hearted cinnamon roll recipe? #MeToo.

The viral article on this half baked response struck a chord with me. Author Geraldine DeRuiter deftly undresses the poor PR move through sharp wit and wry humor. Moving seamlessly between her own experiences and hilariously exasperated footnotes, she hate-eats the rolls while thoughtfully musing:

“We try to follow a half written recipe and think it’s our fault when it doesn’t work. We need to undo an entire humanity’s history worth of hate against women. Apologies are a good start. Just skip the damn recipe.”

This made me cinnamon ROFL, but I also thought long and hard about the strange association between sex and food Batali made. Were readers to chase the bitter pill with something sweet? Could a cinnamess cover a multitude of sins? Definitely not, and the absurdity was not lost on me. 

Food lettering created from seven batches of cinnamon rolls, the “Rof” from the first. The “l” took several twists before becoming the simplified shape in the final. Frosting was drizzled down the edible lettering with the intent to elevate legibility.

Read the article via Medium.

Prep & Assistance // Frances Ora-Kelly

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