Fazoli's Food Typography Commercial


My inner sixteen year old couldn't say no when Fazoli's asked for help with their stop motion food type commercial. For two days I animated cheesy blends, produce, and herbs for the fast food Italian chain, even played breadstick girl for a hot second between takes. SpaceJunk production team and I agreed we wanted complex lead in's and out's for various motion sequences. This resulted in too many jokes about cutting the cheese, but drastic motions required drastic measures.



Animation was built by hand with use of a monitor, keyed in from a blue background onto a wooden surface, which gave greater freedom for smoother transitions between animation sets. This was a new way of working for me, one which sped up the process considerably. No need to wax technical over such a cheesy line.



Along the way, we encountered some focal issues that halted the first morning of production. Thankfully, the team and I took to snapchat to boost morale and diffuse nerves between resets, the best of which is worth sharing below.


Creative Direction // Stephen Childress

Agency // SBC Advertising

Production // SpaceJunk Media