Jello Chills Food Typography

If the icy beat and hot lights kissing your spine doesn't give you chills, I can’t help you. This tactile lettering is both edible and fluorescent, black light dancing off its otherworldly surface. The soft pink and purple glow feels nostalgic and magical, sensual while playful.

One of many ASMR experiments that shifted into something literally palatable and vaporwave reminiscent. The concept was to give the viewer chills or frissons from the combined effect of the imagery and audio sensations. I vector illustrated and 3D printed the mold to say "Give me Chills" and researched fluorescent food after being inspired by my museum's blacklight poster exhibit. After several days and batches of testing, I created the sturdiest, most responsive recipe for edible jello and decided a typical low-fi ASMR video wasn't enough; I had to capture proper footage. All effects are in-camera, minus some stabilization. Combined with the reserve track, the final cut is chill-worthy.

Production, Lighting // Jack Juris