Lettering Feature

Objects have a profound message when wielded by careful hands, especially in service of a good message. Each person brings fresh experiences to ordinary items, making them extraordinary, and I believe your use of paper/food/items is a prime example. In an effort to expand awareness and herald amazing talent, I'd love to share your philosophies and workflow with the design community.

Please fill out the form below and send any prompted photos via email or wetransfer to salut@marmaladebleue.com with the subject line "Lettering Feature". Name images with first name initial, last name, and section; e.g. DEvansSupplies1.jpg. Acceptable image formats are JPG, PNG, or GIF and should be a minimum of 1000 px wide and 100dpi. 

Thank you abundantly for sharing your thoughts and gifts!

Name *
When did you begin experiementing with object lettering?
Medium *
What medium(s) do you most often use to convey your work?
What types of materials do you gravitate towards and why? Does the message dictate the material, or vice versa?
What tools do you use to build letterforms? Do these vary and why?
Tools (PHOTOS)
Please send up to 3 photos (JPG, PNG, or GIF, 1000px wide and 100 ppi) of special tools, if any are used.
Describe your career background or degree and how this influences your current work.
Concept vs Execution
Concept vs Execution
Plot your agreement or disagreement with either of these statements.
My ideas drive my projects. I can make anything look meaningful.
My skills drive my projects. I can make anything look polished.
What three descriptors come to mind when viewing your own work?
3 Adjectives (PHOTOS)
Please send 3-5 example images (JPG, PNG, or GIF, 1000px wide and 100 ppi) of finished pieces.
What challenges do you combat during the conceptualization or building process? How do you overcome these time and time again?
Do you prefer working alone or with a team? What is your current setup and do you plan to adjust to a different work flow?
Describe your designated studio space, if one exists.
Workspace (PHOTOS)
Please send 1-2 photos of your working space (JPG, PNG, or GIF, 1000px wide and 100ppi). These can be interiors, desk shots, or ephemera images.