"Love You More than..." Food Lettering Valentines

As a kid, I loved making Valentines and dropping them in my classmates' handmade holiday boxes with a piece of candy. This year I realized Instagram had adopted a direct message box requiring a private image to start a discussion which reminded me of this nostalgic practice.

I set to work on the theme"Love You More Than..." and sent over 250 private message Valentines with personal notes to the recipients. I pulled every pun, sparing no dad joke. This was about more than love.

The pizza image was carved blindly without stencil, using 4 mediums, eventually executing the final on a extra large, 16" diameter pie.

The bacon image was assembled from 1.5 pounds of thick sliced, cooked bacon on a 36" surface.

Each image was sent quietly to the intended reciepients, then published publicly on Instagram Valentine's Day as a bite sized slice of heaven.