McDonald's Signature Crafted Food Lettering

McDonald's rolled out a Royale experience for their online guest interactions: copy was pulled from consumer tweets and facebook posts to be recreated or reimagined in hand lettered builds and cheeky response gifs celebrating rave reviews of their Signature Sandwich line. The creative team wanted an everyman tone to their social replies, reaching users not as a global conglomerate but a relatable brand with their classic style. Visually I was asked to consider aesthetics from commercials and in-store signage: split screens, rich backgrounds, emoji related work, and atmospheric lighting. I chose to play with visual planes, asking the viewer to forgive top down and profile shots within the same image. Since copy was fixed, I expanded with different typographic treatments so the work felt cohesive but dynamic. 

Unlimited, the unofficial McDonald's agency, brought me on to art direct and letter ten images and gifs surrounding their new Signature Sandwiches. I freehanded everything from sauces to cheese slices, relying on my pre-approved food lettering concepts using sandwich ingredients. The work was photographed and styled by the team, retouched by myself, sent out to enthusiastic fans.

Agency // Unlimited

McDonald's cheese danielle evans
McDonald's Amazing.jpg