Pattern Play Dimensional Typography Collab with Alea Toussaint

I'm always looking for amazing collaborative opportunities, and none seemed so natural as working with Alea Toussaint, a pattern designer from Minneapolis. Her materials, sense of artistry and resourcefulness distinguish her from other pattern makers, as evidenced in the first of several pieces together. 

One of the greatest challenges has been bridging the physical gap between Ohio and Minnesota. Finding matching materials, editing digitally and merging two processes has been a worthy challenge but striking in the results.

Silver and Gold was produced with tiny Christmas bulbs and tinsel, hoping to evoke the festive class of midcentury.

Unwrap Joy was created with freeform ribbon, juniper and various greenery, traditional with a twist and roll.

Warm & Cozy was produced from loosely piled cocoa and hot chocolate towering over fluffy marshmallows on butcher paper.

Follow along with us on this continuing series and visit Alea's Instagram and mine for sumptuous imagery.