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Moments spent making and expounding on Danielle's process for podcasts, conferences, and handcrafted human interest stories. For a look at polished videos from some of her favorite projects, visit Final Projects. For inspirational video and process, visit Interviews.

The Wonder Jam Cast // WORKING AS AN ARTIST

In this episode, Danielle discusses the courageous move to become a full-time artist in a niche field. We also talk about knowing your worth as an artist and being comfortable charging for your work and time. Danielle also describes her recent experiences working for clients like John Frieda and McDonald's.

In a bonus segment, we discuss The Babadook's role as a gay icon and Kimora Lee Simmons' taste in men. 1 hr 46 min

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CREATIVE PEP TALK // Keep growing with Danielle Evans

This is a shop talk / real talk episode.

In this episode Andy and Danielle talk about how to find your voice, developing your craft and what to do when you’ve achieved some of your goals but still feel like there’s a long way to go. 1 hr

Congrats to Andy for garnering over one million listens! Enjoy brilliant creatives and Andy's thoughts at CPT.


In our 16th Overtime episode, Dan chats with Danielle Evans—a visual artist, letterer, and designer from Columbus, Ohio. Back in 2013, she combined lettering, photography, and dad jokes to start food typography. Since then she’s been doing amazing stuff with food and real life objects to create lettering masterpieces. She’s worked with incredible companies like Target, Disney, American Greetings, Parade, Conde Nast, and more. 1 hr

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ASK A FREELANCER // Don't Be A Chicken

Ask a freelancer is a podcast where experienced entrepreneurs answer questions about freelancing. In this episode Andy discusses scaling prices, personal and professional brands, and asks Danielle how she handles clients that cannot make up their minds or design by committee. 23 min 40 sec

Visit Ask a Freelancer for more thoughtful discussion from seasoned pros. 

10,000 HOURS // Episode 111

Grant and Vince chat with Danielle Evans, hyper talented food and dimensional typographer and proprietor of Marmalade Bleue. Danielle gives great insight on what's involved in developing mastery over a niche medium, and talks about the value of "finding your lane" when it comes to creative pursuit.

Visit 10,000 Hours for more insight from industry leaders and thinkers.

Creative Pep Talk // Episode 58

Andy J. Miller and Brandon Rike tag team this episode with "food typographer" Danielle Evans discussing rip-offs, being broke, and more while we bleep out Danielle's swears and make her laugh in one of the longest sessions yet. 1 hr 35 min

Glean more industry advice from Andy at Creative Pep Talk.

Spirit of the Midwest // Episode 2

Danielle Evans is a food typographer from Columbus, Ohio. In this episode she discloses her "tale of woe" and her journey from that place to where she is today. Bottoming out, doing work that you think is valuable, and the benefits of sharing your work with others all rise to the surface. She also talks about what makes the people of the Midwest special. Danielle bubbles over with happiness and creativity, and is definitely "the cool aunt". 47 min 15 sec

Listen to more Midwestern musings at Spirit of the Midwest.

Creative Briefs // Episode 34

AIGA Pittsburgh members Carl Heulsman and John DeGore chat with illustrator, designer, and taster, Danielle Evans, about her process and the likelihood of beef tweeting. Hilarity and fun ensures in the heart of western Pennsylvania. 1 hr 2 min

Follow along with the Creative Briefs Pinterest board for visual references.

The Design Recharge Show // Episode 110 & 117

Danielle Evans knows how to use her resourcefulness to create typographic masterpieces. Danielle is a letterer, designer, and a tactile typographer, but find out how about how she worked within a budget and avoided debt in an industry where the latest technology is critical. Find out how working within her means helped her become a better entrepreneur and problem solver. 1 hr 14 min

Danielle Evans is a talented letterer and designer who has grown her thriving business despite financial restrictions. She has recently rid herself of debt while building her brand. Listen in for Danielle's story of success and secrets for building a viable creative endeavor. 1 hr 9 min


Circles 2014 Panel

As part of the Dallas-based, powerhouse design conference, Danielle appeared on a panel with Ben Johnson, Joel Glovier, Jay Argaèt, Promise Tangeman, and Kyle Steed to discuss where inspiration is found and how to avoid imitation in the process of growing. 59 min

2014 Circles Conference - Panel I from Burciaga Pictures on Vimeo.