Unlock the elegance and novelty of everyday items in real life, real time. Book Danielle for cheap thrills and dirty hands.



Many hands make a huge mess.

Choose a fast food (type) class or full course (required one hour break for lunch or attendees will eat their words).

Attendees wield their words into multi-layered messages during a casual class of encouraging snack breaks. Danielle moves between entertaining banter and hands-on exercises teaching students to trust their intuition, embrace risk, start fresh. Leave with great memories and social posts, possibly some stains. Sorry, not sorry.


past workshops

Real Thread // Creative South 2015 // Weapons of Mass Creation 2015 // AIGA Pittsburgh 2015 // Design Ranch 2016 // AIGA Charlotte 2017 // Creative Pep Rally 2017 // Fuse Sessions 2018 // Epicurrence Winter Work Week 2018 // MNSU Artist Residency 2018