Anti-Tobacco Dimensional Type Campaign

Poor form to laud an anti-tobacco campaign as "smoking"? Maybe so, but these food lettering electronic and stagnant billboards for an anti-tobacco campaign were straight fire. The statewide campaign was aimed at lower income families whose smoking habits deeply impact their quality of life, hobbies, and their children. Each line would correspond to an tobacco calculator where visitors could tally how long and what brand they'd been smoking, which would total the equivalent cost in camping equipment, fishing tackle, and school supplies. 

With five days from award to out-of-town shoot, the team rallied to deliver colorful, eye-catching imagery in two forms: one still image and one stop motion animation for each concept. Jeremy Kramer brilliantly lit and shot these with dedication to every detail, making the motion compilation a breeze. Erin Robey was tireless in her humor and resourceful sourcing of the weirdest goods, Ryan of Satellite rounding out the crew with clear production deadlines and deftly wrangling a blowtorch. Each image was shot to accommodate a 16:9 ratio for web as well as 22:8 and 22:9 ratios for electronic billboards. The finals were absolutely hot, not a drag in sight.


Photography // Jeremy Kramer

Styling & Production Assistance // Erin Robey

Studio & Project Management // Satellite Office

Agency // Alma DDB

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