After a long day of sticky fingers, many of our projects end in beautiful videos, delighting viewers after the crumbs are cleared. 


Peek at polished videos of Danielle's process in Final Projects. To hear commentary along with process, visit Interviews. For industry musings and speaking schedules, visit Podcasts & Lectures.



In February of this year Danielle had the pleasure of sitting down with Fuse Sessions while she was in Indianapolis for her Dimensional Typography workshop.

We talk about everything from gluing artwork to the wall as a kid to how she had to pivot from just doing food typography.


There’s magic in the build (or the tear down) of many of Danielle’s projects. Live action, stop motion, it’s all a feast for the eyes.

This project is one of five anti-tobacco stop motion videos for a Florida campaign. Tobacco dependency doesn’t only kill bodies— it can also inhibit lifestyles. Trade cigarette cartons for fishing supplies for a reel habit to be proud of.


Sound bytes are snacks for your ears! Danielle shares her stumbles into food typography, what she’s learned about creative entrepreneurship, and chortles a lot in the process.

Creative Pep Talk: Andy J. Miller and Brandon Rike tag team this episode with "food typographer" Danielle Evans discussing rip-offs, being broke, and more while we bleep out Danielle's swears and make her laugh in one of the longest sessions yet. 1 hr 35 min