Many hands make a huge mess.


Danielle loves encouraging others to unlock the elegance and novelty of everyday items with their own hands. Book her for cheap thrills and dirty hands.


past workshops

Real Thread // Creative South 2015 // Weapons of Mass Creation 2015 // AIGA Pittsburgh 2015 // Design Ranch 2016 // AIGA Charlotte 2017 // Creative Pep Rally 2017 // Fuse Sessions 2018 // Epicurrence Winter Work Week 2018


Epicurrence comes from joining the words “epic” and “occurrence.” It was always intended to be different. Coming this February 26 – March 2nd in beautiful Yosemite, Winter Workweek is where we take your office to the mountains for 5 days. You’ll be able to meet new people, join group discussions, try a workshop, take a 3-day long course to improve on some skills, present your work in a Creative Review contest, or go explore what Yosemite has to offer while taking a break from your work—it’s your work week, make it epic