Cityscapes by JFletcher Design


#designfilms was an amazing and spontaneous giggle heard 'round the Internet that fateful first Friday in February, garnering media coverage and thousands of eager participants. This phenomena proves two things: 1) millions of people are bored and 2) freelancers are in prime position to hop on the trendy train.

In the vein of lightning trends, JFletcher Design released a beautiful ode to New York a few days ago, rendered in a charming and blocky mono-linear style. Eventually more cities began popping up, hence my rendition above in honor of Columbus. Mono-linear styles are intriguing but allusive with their marriage of complexity and legibility. However, working with someone's finished design was almost like a master study- convenient, engaging and collaborative. If anything, I am convinced of the genius- mad props to Jay for such a dynamite idea and execution. Please give Cbus (and Jay) some love and keep posted for beautiful spur-of-the-moment opportunities! 

If you contribute, please leave a comment below so I can post/spread the love for yours as well!

*UPDATE* More cities are popping up in minimalistic technicolor splendor! Check out the ever growing rebounds page


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