Typestagram: An Instagram Short List

Much of my internet presence is build on the Instagram platform, the phone based photo sharing system home to lightbulb-headed babies and person-less plates. Amidst the dubious selfies are pockets of people redefining the squared photo format with beautiful type presentation. Below is a shortlist of my favorites:

The Letter Getter 

This anonymous LA photographer turned type enthusiast is ever on foot and on watch for vintage signs and logos dotting the West Coast. Each photo is perfectly composed, bringing the most attention to each specimen. This account is a free anthology of mid-century Americana design, a must follow for any type lover.

Seb Lester

Few would contend Seb's long reign as the prince of modern calligraphy. Crass and cheeky, this UK calligraprick has some of the classiest and most achingly executed foiled prints on the market, a terrible tease as most sell out immediately. His account boasts some of the most daring instavideos that would bring a spell of the vapours over any letter lover.

Neil Tasker

Of the various typographer/lettering accounts I follow, Neil's is by far one of the most consistent (minus the occasional Benjamin Button-esque selfie) in terms of execution and excellence. This Michigan native is a traditionalist at heart but constantly evolving his work with modern phraseology and energy. He is hungry and tireless, and it totally shows.


Aside from the inauspicious handle, Austin's Emily Blincoe is anything but. A prolific user of hashtags and tireless arranger of graduated fruits, Emily's cheeky work with objects and type for #thisAMPERSANDthat (also a tumblr) is often imitated but never replicated. A girl after my own heart.

Gustavo Mancini

Gustavo follows a wild, willful line of letterers native to Mendoza with passion and skill. His balance between strokes is both precarious and firm, almost whip-like, full of energy. This guy is a straight-up letter wrangler deserving of respect and followers.

Branding 50 States

San Bernadino based designer Luke Anspach has recently translated his tumblr of state mottos to square format. Slapping a fresh coat of paint on a good idea, Anspach is collaborating with native Instagrammers of each state to give his stark, throwback type an authentic context. I've enjoyed Luke's evolution of this project, now on its third iteration.

Project Type

Miranda of Project Type is a recent find but worth the listing. Not only is she an extremely talented portrait artist, but her Victorian-era lettering and ornamentation is really something special. Her treatment of masculine type is well researched and challenging.


Though not explicitly a lettering account, illustrator Erin Barker has quite the way with words. Her cleverly #illustratedwordoftheday series will bolster your Scrabble score with colorful, five dollar wordplay. Playful and informative, IWoD is the dictionary's after-dinner mint and better recalled with well-drafted, corresponding figures. According to Erin, it's an octothorpe, not a hashtag.

Follow @marmaladebleue or @foodtypography on Instagram for food, lettering, and no cats (unfortunately).

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