A Word of Thanks

Inspired by  David Pearson

Inspired by David Pearson

Beyond being a one day tribute to delicious food, Thanksgiving is a good reminder to be grateful. In having the most bountiful year of my career, I've acquired a new camera, proper overhead rig and lighting setup to extend my daily studio hours. I've been fortunate to encounter more extravagant projects with experimental and trusting clients, supplying the most helpful and supportive creative feedback.

Thanksgiving season is the perfect time to reflect on change but also on things that are steadfast. Often when I write for my food typography accounts, I speak in a majestic "we," despite being neither queenly nor corporate. Rather, I choose to allow space for the amazing assistants, photographers, videographers, and friends that make my work better than I could muster alone. 

In lieu of the above new work, I wanted to thank the many hands that have contributed to my sense of self, creatively and personally. I am forever indebted to the delightful humans listed below:

The Wonder Jam

I'll shoot my own work when reproduced on a small print/web scale, but I know when to call the pros. Allie and Adam Lehman are the husband and wife duo behind the Columbus boutique agency, The Wonder Jam, and the backbone of several of my wildest projects. Many afternoons have waxed slaving over their dining room table and warehouse, always at a fair price and with generous hospitality. Beyond lending me their photographic skills, the pair also write, host classes, design, and strategize for every size of business, local and abroad. Their passion for Columbus entrepreneurship is overwhelming, evidenced in the strength of the community they've built. I'm honored to call them friends and colleagues. 

Erin Robey

I usually work with an assistant on large shoots with tight deadlines, and Erin is one of my favorite (and a good friend). She's whip-smart, eager, and supplements her sourcing and styling skills with her love of photography. She's been kind enough to shoot from awkward angles, juggle multiple pieces of foam core, slice cartons of tomatoes when I've only needed two, and brave endless traffic to make up for my miscalculations on supplies. I've been lucky enough to snag her on several of my larger shoots, and I find her presence both entertaining and reassuring when stress begins to creep. 


The crew at Reach has been such a fantastic addition to my team this year. They have brought their expertise and acumen to my work, peppered with fun and always looking on the brightest side. Despite their burgeoning roster, Erik and Ben have made me feel like I'm one of a select few, always a priority. I hope to possess Erik's precision of language and enjoy celebrating jobs with him and the rest of the team. Their artists reflect Reach's careful considerations and tastes, and I'm honored to share solidarity with many on their list. 

Countless others

Whether over my shoulder putting helping hands to a project or providing encouragement from afar, my list of contributing friends could stretch onward for miles. Abundant thanks to my former overhead rig and unwelcome but accurate art director, Jarrod; I'm forever grateful to Allan Peters for taking a chance on this weird girl from Ohio that plays with food; Scott Hull for fostering the beginnings of my career with his vast experience; Joseph Alessio, Shauna Lynn, Mikey Burton, Melissa Hagmaier, Heidi & Asim Ahmed, and Yao Cheng, Trisha & Mackey Saturday for their endless support and camaraderie. 

Big thank you's to Circles, Creative South, Weapons of Mass Creation and the various schools and chapters that graciously hosted my talks this year. I love empowering others to play while working. Thank you for fostering this within your communities and allowing me to participate.

Finally, thank you to my friends and family outside of the creative community who have taken the biggest leap to understand and support "that food art thing." Thank you for celebrating the unique weirdness of my work and vision. 

All my love this season,

To see a detailed shot of the header image, visit my THANKSgiving Food Type project.

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