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Design Nuance (Part 1)

I have always been that person unable to learn simple skills from the average Joe, such as whistling or ice skating. People would say, 'It's so easy, just stick your tongue through puckered lips. March in place while leaning forward'. I quickly learned following such basic steps did not produce the intended result, rather a raspberry or a concussion. I spent years in training wheels for this reason. Only once I learned these skills on my own did the subtle differences between success and shooting my gum out of my face dawn on me. ...

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Theft: A Different Perspective

Along with carols and shiny plastic, the holidays bring a particular kind of desperation to otherwise upstanding human beings. The result of such pressures is unfortunately theft, or copyright infringement. The practice is infuriating, the chagrin of small time creative operations. Many, therefore, do what they fear is the only option: whistle blow. 

My social networks and creative forums have been lit up like a Christmas tree for weeks as artists lament everything from, "Ha, guess I do coffee cups now..." to "These assholes stole my shit!!" There is no right way to steal, but is there a wrong way to be victimized?

If you are the victim of a theft, consider a few key points to handling the situation with grace: ...

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