New beginnings... again

I can drag the fifth tally along a pen's edge for the number of blogs and websites I've attempted, the most notable of which being my old xanga with its unintended euphemism. Thankfully, I have graduated to a new phase of web presence, though there is ample time to 'eff that up. This is post number one, after all.

I want to be extremely clear in my intentions for this virtual space, for my own piece of mind. As a "free spirit", I recognize being on task at all moments is not a strength of mine, and like the kid with golf ball arms on the free weights, I must deliberately carve a path from the start.

Do not be apologetic (unless you're a huge dick).

Besides being a serious Christian, I love dropping a hot cuss. Either of these facts will incite someone's animosity and subsequent isolation. While I've had to put my foot in my mouth on numerous occasions, I would rather this blog be a space for me to be natural without being an ass. I encourage any visitors to behave in the same manner.

Do not turn this into a girl blog.

While I am extremely tempted to share my Martha Stewart excellence in pumpkin carving and the shabby chic haphazardness of my un-air conditioned galley kitchen, I recognize this is the wrong avenue for girl effort. I want to focus on my work, the work of others, and being generally insightful/helpful. A cat photo or two will not destroy this state of being.

Do not hesitate to share posts based on some insane aesthetic insecurity.

There are a plethora of beautifully crafted blogs out there. Unfortunately, coding is not my gifting and therefore not a great reason to restrict sharing. I have to learn the hierarchy of site vs. blog and remember that aesthetics are secondary in this scenario. Beyond that, being a pussy is not attractive to clients, potential friends, or myself.

Do not lament weird personal drama to the Internets.

This is not the place to dive face-first into a proverbial bowl of ice cream. While I very openly admit to less than ideal family scenarios and bouts of depression, this is not the place for them. Mom, my self pity, and rocky road can go hug it out in a dark corner of the web.

Embarking on this adventure yet again is somewhat thrilling and akin to a "Choose Your Own Ending" kids novella; perhaps this time I'll enjoy the perks of finishing.

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