Condé Nast Food Typography

Editorial giant Condé Nast contacted me to produce a series of educational food type imagery for the ethical foodie. All five images utilized ingredients describing the processes behind each term. I created and photographed three stagnant images and one stop motion video for publication in both Bon Appétit and SELF.

Most notably, I was asked to design lettering for a steak brand, which would in turn sear a sirloin. Thankfully BrandNew in Santa Barbara was equally thrilled to assist and sent over a gorgeous stainless steel brand to spec in a mere three days. To better meat this project, visit Condé Nast Brand for the process.

Creative Direction // Alejandro Santandrea

Design // Luisa Fuentes

Production Direction // Sasha Smyslova

Production // Jessy Price

Brand Manufacturer // BrandNew