Epitaph “She Came, She Went” Dimensional Lettering

Years ago, Swedish publication Printing Friends interviewed me and asked an extremely metal, typically Scandinavian question: describe your ideal epitaph? I decided I'd want a bare concrete slab with my name and dates, and request another letterer fashion the phrase "She Came, She Went" out of dirt or flowers. The wind and rain could decide when to erase that legacy. As if we get to choose our true legacies anyway.

Reflecting heavily on death and how fast life changes, I opted to revisit this interview in a graveyard. A little dramatic? Maybe. Cathartic? Definitely. This piece almost didn't survive long enough for filming, due to heavy winds. And then it did. Coincidentally, the slab I chose was nearly eroded but belonged to the first printer for the State of Ohio. Sometimes we build legacy on top of legacies.

Many thanks to Jenna James who translated my rough storyboards into beautiful filming and cutting, as well as Jack Juris for production assistance and support. 

Videography & Editing // Jenna James

Production // Jack Juris

She Came She Went DEvans.jpg