Sketch 59 Crystal Lettering

Tech giant Sketch asked me to visually interpret part of their 59th update, variable type. Inspired by the diamond logo, I opted to grow characters in four different boldnesses and animate them to look digital. The 24 letters and 8 numerals were fashioned out of wire and submerged in a large aquarium overnight until they grew to the exact thickness. They were sturdy enough to be handled and animated to stretch and shrink in boldness. I made several variations, zooming in and slowing down on the actual animation process within.

The logo, fashioned from holographic foil and matte board, needed to be as interesting to observe without overwhelming the design. A few well placed lights allowed the scene to shine bright like a, well, you know.

Art Direction // Stop Motion // Video // Typography // Design

Crystal lettering DEvans
Sketch 59 solo DEvans
Character set process DEvans
Sketch logo DEvans