Resolute, to the Letter (collab with Brit + Co)

Heralding the New Year is the perfect time to drop bad habits and pick up new ones, more hydrating and working out being popular resolutions. The thrill of learning a new skill is a great motivator for change. This past year, I partnered with San Francisco powerhouse Brit + Co to create my first product, an e-class perfect for beginners, a 101 guide to brush pen lettering. In the video, I cover pen pressures, basic strokes patterns, letters, and how individual characters fit into words and phrases.

Along with the e-course, Brit + Co has compiled a lovely class packet for purchase with all the supplies, including a colorful array of Tombow brush pens and various papers. Snag the pack to follow along seamlessly and receive a discount for purchasing class and kit in a bundle.

The largest piece of advice from the video is not found within the techniques but in conquering the fear of something new. I truly believe that anyone can learn to letter if they are will to risk making mistakes. While making the course, I made many squiggly lines, ruined characters with improper pressure, and lost some good letters when my pen ran dry, all on camera. Putting pen to paper - doing - is the ultimate point, and from lots of practice came flawless posters, cards, and a cake topper.

This 101 lettering course is the perfect way to add a handmade element to projects and presents, the perfect gift for a friend or a well deserved treat yo'self for 2015. Whatever dedications fill your calendar this year, be resolute. To the letter.

Danielle EvansComment