Environmentally Friendly: The Spaces that Define Us

I've spent much of the past summer traveling to exciting new places, but as the old adage says, nothing quite compares to home. Columbus is a decently sized city, ranked 15th largest city in the US and was fortunate not to find itself on the backs of steel industry. This has allowed Ohio's capital to morph over a bicentennial into one of its most beautiful, clean, and progressive cities.

I know I'm home when my shoes make that familiar hollow click-clack on my neighborhood's brick sidewalks, the hum of the highway fills void between chirping birds and barks of the canine residents. Despite sounding sleepy and quaint, Columbus is teeming with entrepreneurs and fast flying ideas. European immigrant bloodlines still run deep here, so the work ethic here is founded on a strong back and can-do attitude, rewarded by a graciously low cost of living.

Our environment directly influences our work in the same way that Pinterest boards or historic references enhance or diminish our portfolio's strengths and weaknesses. As I've become more comfortable in my lettering style, this becomes more apparent even in my interior design decisions. We draw from our surroundings, and in turn they draw from us for future occupants.

Below is a lovely video interview by Aaron Freeder for Weapons of Mass Creation as well as a grassroots podcast from Spirit of the Midwest unpacking more ideas about our environments affecting our creative output. 

Danielle EvansComment