Typographers with Dimension: Henry Hargreaves

Henry Hargreaves is a man of many talents if not interests. Foremost a photographer, lettering is a vehicle for his clever commentary on culture, travel, and food. I was fortunate to combine forces on a campaign with him for Vegas's Aria and have been dazzled ever since, even taken his brilliant and helpful Skillshare course on photo illustration. Enjoy Henry's playful visual voice born from years of experience.


Henry Hargreaves






My background is restaurants. Bartending was my traveling job from university to my overseas travel and what I did when I arrived in NY. How people ordered their food and drinks at the bar said so much about who they were and this idea of using food to convey a message fascinated me, kind of like and eat-ologist.


Experience in the field

Since 2012.


Describe your designated workspace, if one exists.

1400 sq ft, 15 ft ceiling, lots of light and a shitty floor.


Medium(s) used?

Photography, Stop Motion


Preferred materials and why? Does the message dictate the materials, or vice versa?

Food is a common theme for me to work in. I think its fun to do something with a common product and show it in a different and fun way.


Do you use special tools to build letterforms? Do these vary and why?

It varies on what I'm trying to achieve, sometimes it may be a projector and sometimes I'm making molds and other times stencils. I just go with what I think will be the most efficient method to get to the desired result!


List 3 Describing your work.

  • Is it fun?

  • Is it memorable?

  • Does it connect with an emotion?


Concept vs execution


What challenges do you combat during the ideation/building process? How do you overcome these obstacles?

Food goes stale so you have to work fast, it also might melt or not work. I'm not worried by failing, I get frustrated when I don't try it.


Solo vs. Social? How do you operate now and do you plan to change direction in the future?

I prefer to work in collaboration. Caitlin Levin is a regular collaborator. I think my work get to a better place when I have someone to bounce off. Also when it's not just you, you can view the work more objectively.

View more of Henry's work on Instagram.

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