Bagelli Italian Food Typography

Toronto's D'Italiano decided to bring Italian indulgence to breakfast with their new line of Bagelli bagels and asked me to enliven their concept. Together with The Hive and Ryan Szulc, we brought warm, Mediterranean sensibilities to heavily stacked bruschetta and elegant caramel. The concept arranged the hero of each bagel's flavor into an Italian greeting, punctuated by the bagel "O".

I endeavored to utilize legible letterforms that hearkened to decorative ornamental caps and scripts found on authentic signage and labels, the challenge being the integration of the bagel into each without feeling forced or misplaced. The finals moved further away from this concept, but these in process shots are no less stunning. Say Ciao to boring breakfast.

Art Direction // James McGuire & Anna Cumyn

Photography // Ryan Szulc

Food Styling // Carol Dudar

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